History of Our Church


Ferguson UMC-Founded 1886

The Methodist Church of Ferguson began in 1886 in Tiffin Hall, which was located on the southeast corner of Tiffin and Clark and had a skating rink and hall upstairs. In 1887 land was donated and the church was built on the northeast corner of Clark along Tiffin. By 1910 with 150 members the little frame church was no longer adequate. In 1912 a brick church was built on Florissant road. On dedication Sunday in Dec. 1912 the congregation marched from the old church down Tiffin Avenue and along Florissant Road to the new church singing “Onward Christian Soldiers.”


Unfortunately a fire destroyed the building on Sept. 4, 1938. After insurance and pledges the amount still needed was staggering. Obtaining a loan was not a simple matter. After months of being turned down for a loan something unexpected happened at the board meeting. Henry Wildberger said, “We have tried about everything we know, brethren. Now I want to tell you how we get the money. All of you meet me at the bank at noon tomorrow and bring the deeds to your houses with you.” Not a man there doubted that Henry had meant what he said. And almost everyone was a property holder. At noon the next day the board members met Henry at the bank. The banker was stunned when they offered him collateral far above the amount of the loan they sought. “Gentlemen,” he asked. “Do you really mean to put the deeds to your homes and businesses behind this?” “We do,” was the reply almost as one voice. The loan was granted on the strength of the men’s signatures. The church was finished in 14 months all because of the faith and dedication of these laymen.


In 1951 a Fellowship Hall was added with a second floor above it built in 1955. An expansion program from 1960-1964 added a two-story educational wing; a three-story wing housing the parlor, chapel, offices, and choir room; and also an extension to the chancel, choir loft and an organ.


Ferguson United Methodist Church has a 124 year history filled with many trials and triumphs and a history of a church filled with the spirit and determination of its members.



St. Mark’s UMC-Founded 1954

In September of 1954, a group of interested persons met with the District Superintendent and Rev. Joseph Jones, Pastor of Ferguson Methodist Church. The group established the extension Mission of Ferguson Methodist church. On September 12, 1954 29 worshippers met for the first service at the Florissant Legion Hall.


On December 5, 1954 St. Mark’s Methodist Church was selected as the new name of the congregation. In May 1955, the church moved its services to Combs Elementary School. Then on December 3, 1955, the first service was held in the new building, 360 Graham Road.  

St. Mark - 1st Church on Graham Road



In 1968, the name became St. Mark’s United Methodist Church when The Methodist Church and The Evangelical United Brethren Church joined forming The United Methodist Church.


With continued church growth, land was purchased just across the street and on May 31, 1964, the new and current St. Mark’s was consecrated.


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Many programs and activities have happened in the life of St. Mark’s. A couple of long running programs are Mini School, started in the late 1960’s, and Fashions For Food.   Fashions For Food is a sale of donated clothing began in 1988 as an outreach ministry to provide funds to area food pantries. It is still held on the second Thursday of every month.




                                           Unification-Oct. 10, 2010

                                     One in Christ

In 1954 the Ferguson church helped to launch St. Mark’s to help meet the spiritual needs of the growing population in Florissant. In 2009 the Ferguson church, with declining attendance, decided a change needed to happen for the history of their church to continue on. On October 10, 2010 the Ferguson UMC and St. Mark’s UMC unified to become one congregation. The connection that was started in 1954 was united under one roof at 315 Graham Road.


church - unification pic


The coming together of the programs and people of the two congregations has brought new mission and ministry to the unified St. Mark’s congregation.


Over the years we have been blessed with many dedicated pastors, staff, and members. They have spent, and continue to spend, many hours working to spread the Good News, implement programs, and maintain the church building so that St. Mark’s will remain a vital ministry in Florissant, the North County community, and wherever the spirit of God leads the people of St. Mark’s.


We thank God for the history that makes up this place called St. Mark’s United Methodist Church.




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