About Our Church

Who We Are

St. Mark's is a place where people share a common interest in Jesus Christ with expressions in personal faith, social involvement and a caring for each other.


St. Mark's was established in September 1954 when a group of interested people met with the then District Superintendent and Rev. Joseph Jones, Pastor of Ferguson Methodist Church.  The group established the Extension Mission of Ferguson Methodist Church and on December 5 of that year, St. Mark's Methodist Church was selected as the new name of the congregation.


With the unification of Ferguson UMC and St. Mark's UMC in 2010 we have come full circle.  This has been a great blessing for our new shared ministry together.  It has brought new energy and ideas for ministry. As Christians, we are better together and this is true for us as congregations as well.


Each day at St. Mark's we look forward to seeing how God will work among us as we grow together in dynamic ministry to our surrounding communities and beyond.


Our Mission

The mission of St. Mark's UMC is to lead people to actively follow Jesus Christ. 


Our Vision

St. Mark's Vision is to transform the lives of families and individuals by:

  • Sharing the love of God
  • Connecting individuals and families with Jesus Christ
  • Creating a faith community
  • Meeting the needs of our neighbors and community through faith in action
  • Offering the hope of Christ to all! 

Our Committee Structure

In 2011, St. Mark’s REORGANIZED our committee structure. Our church wide goal was to “STRUCTURE FOR MINISTRY.” Our new Teams ENCOMPASS the Major Aspects of our Church’s MINISTRIES.


There are FOUR MINISTRY TEAMS and they are named to reflect their purpose:



others to join us.


INVITING TEAM IS FOCUSED on getting the “WORD OUT” about our church, COORDINATES our presence in the community at events like Parades, Festivals, and Farmers Market, AIMS to make sure all of our church activities maintain an OPEN AND INVITING QUALITY. Each of us as Christians has been called to invite others to know God and follow Jesus. INVITING TEAM EXISTS TO HELP all of us do a better job at that!



with each other and with God.


CONNECTING TEAM IS FOCUSED on connecting people with each other, with the Church, and most importantly, with God. CONNECTING TEAM COORDINATES many of the church’s ongoing weekly activities and special events. Subgroups include: Worship, Education, Welcoming, Parish Visitor, Youth/Children, Family Ministries, Nursery, and Volunteer Coordinator.



us out to be of service to God.


Sending Team brings all our mission groups TOGETHER in our efforts TO HELP OTHERS through food pantries, mission work, and other service opportunities. The subgroups are 14 ministries or small groups who are focused on sending us out into the world to serve.



the logistical work of running the church.


Supporting Team is FOCUSED on the logistical work of RUNNING the church and coordinates many of the church’s functions that allow us to do what we do. Subgroups Include: Staff Parish, Nominations, Trustees, Memorials, Finance, and Communications.


The hands and feet of Christ doing the work of the church…

INVITING                             CONNECTING

SENDING                             SUPPORTING



  • Every Group in the Church
  • Every Activity at the Church
  • Every Service Project by the Church.....




To hold these groups together we have the



The Leadership Team serves to keep our Teams reminded of our Church’s Mission and Vision, to stay the course with the plans that we’ve made, and working together to accomplish big things for God. Leadership Team is a visionary, future-focused group that also serves as the administrative council.


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